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post orgasmic illness syndrome

Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS)

In 2002, the first publication on two males who developed a flu-like state after each sexual contact,  has been reported by the neuropsychiatrist Prof. dr. Marcel D. Waldinger and the endocrinologist Dr. Dave H. Schweitzer. Prof. Waldinger called this disorder "Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS)".

Sofar, Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome is a completely unknown disorder. Men who are affected by POIS, usually have seen many and different doctors and medical specialists who told them that they do not understand their complaints and add that it is probably related to psychological problems.

However, Prof. Waldinger is convinced that this disorder is not caused by psychological difficulties but in contrast has a somatic cause.

Since 2002 Prof. Waldinger has been investigating POIS with the aim to find its cause and treatment. The results of his research of the last 8 years will probably be published in January 2011 in a scientific journal. After that publication, the results will also be mentioned on the current website.

Throughout the World, one has become very interested to hear and read the results of the new study of Prof. Waldinger on POIS. Prof. Waldinger is the only doctor in the World who has been performed in systematic research into the cause and treatment of POIS.