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post orgasmic illness syndrome

Latest News and Articles on POIS by Prof. Marcel D. Waldinger

In 2002, Prof. Dr. Waldinger and his colleague Dr. Schweitzer published the first article on POIS.

As soon as the new study of Prof. Waldinger on POIS has been published in January 2011, the new data will also be published on this website.

Article: Waldinger MD, Schweitzer DH. Post Orgasmic illness syndrome: two cases  J Sex and Marital Therapy 2002; 28: 251-5

New Article: to be published in January 2011 on Evolute site

IMPORTANT!! Some internet sites have copied parts of the text of the current website of Prof Waldinger, without having asked permission. The products, services and treatments which are propagated by other websites by using these copied texts, have been published on internet without any permission from Prof. dr. Marcel D. Waldinger